As a gym owner, getting new membership signups is a large part of your job… and without them your total membership will plateu or worse,  steadily decrease.

What if I told you there’s a special tool, on a social platform you already use, to help you get 3X more signups from your existing website traffic?

And that’s where the Facebook pixel comes in. It’s an indispensable tool for leveraging existing traffic and optimizing website conversion campaigns. And surprisingly… only about 1 in 5 gyms are using the Facebook Pixel.

10x Your Trial Signups with this Easy DIY Facebook Campaign

Setting up your Facebook Pixel is just a start. Watch the video walkthrough to set up this simple campaign to re-engage your existing web visitors and convert them to paying customers.


In this post I’m going to tell you how the Facebook Pixel works, how to install it on WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace; and how you can monetize it to 3x your monthly amount of website leads. Ready? Let’s begin!

How does the Facebook Pixel Work?

The Facebook Pixel is essentially an audience building and conversion tracking tool for paid advertising. (Stay with me, I promise I’m going to explain those terms in a moment!) After you install the snippet of code that Facebook gives you, your website begins collecting information about specific actions taken on your site and associating those actions with the accounts of Facebook users. These users can then be grouped into audiences that can later be retargeted with specific ads.

Venn Diagram of how Facebook creates custom audiences from website data

As promised, here are the definitions:

Audiences in the world of paid advertising refer to the people who the ads are being shown to. The audience could be corgi lovers nationwide between the ages of 30-45, or it could simply be people in your city looking to get in better shape.

Conversion tracking means we’re monitoring which member of the audience performs a specific desired action: This could mean submitting a free trial form, viewing a 6-week challenge page, clicking a specific button or even viewing a video.

Ok, now that you understand those two core concepts it’s time to talk about where the real money is: Custom Audiences.

Custom audiences allow you to build your own audiences based on a variety of factors. In this specific case, you can build audiences based on actions taken on your website.

Imagine being able to re-engage people who visited your prices page but didn’t submit a consultation form, or to offer a free session to anyone who visited your site— Seriously, the options are endless.

Let’s continue and I’ll show you how to set up the Facebook Pixel. Skip ahead to the specific platform your website uses.

WordPress Installation Instructions

  1. First, navigate to Facebook Business manager and click on the business you’re managing. (If you don’t have Facebook business manager setup, read my other post on  why you need it and how to set it up!)
  2. Click the menu button in the upper lefthand corner and select “Pixels” underneath the “Measure and Report” section.

    A snapshot of the main menu inside of Facebook Business Manager

  3. Then click the “Add Data Source” button on the right side of the screen and select “Facebook Pixel”. Leave the default name as is in the popup and click “create.”
  4. Next, you’ll see a screen that looks like the one below: Select the first option that reads “Use and Integration or Tag Manager.”

    Screenshot of the Facebook Pixel Integration Partners Screen

  5. Since you using a WordPress site, click WordPress and follow the steps in the popup. You’ll have to download the zip file (no need to unzip it!), and upload it in the plugins section of your wordpress site. Then all you need to do is make sure your Pixel is working and you’re good to go!


Wix Installation Instructions

Let’s get your pixel installed! Start by going through steps 1-4 under the WordPress Installation section. And once you get to the integration partners screen continue reading below.

  1. Thankfully once you get to this step Facebook makes it pretty easy to install the Pixel on your Wix site. Follow the onscreen instructions until you verify your pixel is working.
  2. Done! The confirmation page lets you know that you’re setup and ready to go!

    The confirmation screen for the Facebook Pixel Installation on a Wix Website

Squarespace Installation Instructions

Alright! I haven’t forgotten about those of you who have Squarespace sites. Start by completing steps 1-4 under the WordPress installation instructions, then return here and continue reading.

  1. Facebook also makes installation for Squarespace pretty simple. Follow all the onscreen prompts until you reach the confirmation page.


Ok, How can the Facebook Pixel Make Me Money?

Congrats! You all did it. It’s definitely not as hard (or expensive) as many marketers would have you believe- unless you had to go back to my previous post and setup a new business manager account…. Yikes! Double kudos to those people.

Installing your pixel is just the start- using it to increase your membership is completely up to you.

But….as always I got your back with some killer strategies to help you take your marketing game to the next level! I’m going to tell you how to use the pixel to capitalize on existing warm traffic on your site, make thousands in new signups, and only spend a few bucks in advertising.

When you opt into the video walkthrough below, I’ll walk you though setting up a simple retargeting campaign that I set up for all of my clients.

Huh, what’s a retargeting campaign?

Well, have you ever looked at a product on a site, Amazon for example, and left the site without purchasing? Shortly after I’m sure you noticed how ads for the product “follow’ you around the internet- Facebook ads, YouTube ads and those annoying banner ads on your favorite blog. Kinda like those, but much less annoying.

Website visitors are your most valuable asset when you’re trying to grow your gym membership. Why? Because THEY came to you, not the other way around, which means they were interested in your product, but didn’t complete the process for whatever reason…just like how you left that item in your Amazon cart without paying.

But think about this- How many times do you click on the retargeting ads and complete the “purchase” process? Probably at least 1 in 3- especially if the ad targets you with an irresistible offer like 25% off or free shipping.

Bottom line- retargeting works and lots of savvy gym owners are already using it. Opt-in below and I’ll show you how step-by-step.


10x Your Trial Signups with this Easy DIY Facebook Campaign

Setting up your Facebook Pixel is just a start. Watch the video walkthrough to set up this simple campaign to re-engage your existing web visitors and convert them to paying customers.


Jarrel Armster

Jarrel Armster

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